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The alerts and notifications are incredibly handy. They keep me in the loop about the status of my controller and how the plans are running. It's a real confidence booster knowing my system is always running smoothly.

Jack Garrison

Grand Rapids, MI

The history log is simply remarkable. Even if I don't manage my irrigation controller for several days, I can always get a clear picture of its status and how the plans are running just by looking at the logs.

Greg Kraynak

Philadelphia, PA

Though ImoLaza is compatible with rain sensors, but with ImoLaza, they're honestly redundant. The Smart Weather Genius™ system gives the most accurate weather data I've ever seen. It's in a league of its own—number one, hands down.

Kathryn K.

Atlanta, GA

Hosting an event or needing to service my irrigation system used to be a headache, but with ImoLaza's Water Delay function, it's a piece of cake. I can pause or postpone any scheduled watering for as long as I need, not just three days like other systems.

Vickie L. Smith

Buffalo, NY

"Quick Run" on the app is a lifesaver when I need to water a specific zone right away. Just a quick tap, and voila! It's a testament to efficiency—busy days don't stand a chance!

Merry Carlson

Charlotte, NC

The Minimize Water Hammer feature is a real lifesaver, protecting my pipes from sudden pressure changes. This feature alone shows the thoughtfulness behind this product.

Alan J. Thimmig

Chicago, IL

Weather Station Recommendations are spot on! They've led me to the best weather stations around, making my watering schedule much more precise. Couldn't be happier!

J. Nichols

Cleveland, OH

What's not to love about Smart Seasonal Adjust? It automatically tailors watering to the seasons, keeping my plants in top shape year-round. Pure convenience!

Matt Graham

Columbus, OH

The Well or Pump Start Delay is such a thoughtful addition. No more pressure issues with my well water system. Just brilliant!

Christopher M. Calvin

Dallas, TX

Ever since I started using the Soil Moisture Monitoring feature, my plants have never been happier. I can finally stop playing the guessing game with watering!

Carole Jebens

Detroit, MI

Installation was a breeze—everything was set up in half an hour after the package arrived. Now, managing my irrigation system through my phone is a delightfully easy task.

Kedric A. Leach

Houston, TX

Gone are the days of old, cumbersome controllers. ImoLaza has truly made irrigation a breeze, adding a noticeable touch of ease and happiness to my life.

J. Naeve

Jersey City, NJ

Thanks to ImoLaza, I can manage our lawn from anywhere, anytime. My family and I have taken several vacations, and ImoLaza operated flawlessly during our time away, keeping our plants healthy. It's truly a relief.

Joe Belliotti

Los Angeles, CA

Their engineers even calculate precise sunrise and sunset times based on my geographical location—it's astonishing. These exact timings allow me to water my lawn at the optimal times.

Thom Gassert

Miami, FL

I followed the guide to set various parameters for my area such as plant type, soil type, sunlight, slope, and area size. ImoLaza's Watering Duration Expert™ automatically create scientific and precise irrigation durations for my lawn. After a month, my lawn seems to be greener!

James White

New York, NY

Adjusting schedules is incredibly straightforward and fast. Simply open the plan page in the app, select the information I want to change, and voila! No more dealing with the hassle of programming old-fashioned controllers.

Ryan Williams

Newark, NJ

The programming is incredibly flexible, and the app interface is user-friendly. Although I'm 70 years old, using ImoLaza feels completely stress-free — I quickly got the hang of all its features.

Chris S.

Orlando, FL

The customer service is incredibly accommodating. No matter when I reach out, they always respond promptly and patiently assist me with any issues. Highly recommended!

Luke R.

Pittsburgh, PA

The photo album and notes features offered by ImoLaza were a pleasant surprise. I usually keep track of each zone's growth, previously jotting down observations in a notebook. Now I can document everything directly in the app—utterly convenient.

Tony Rizzotti

Raleigh, NC

I've used controllers from various brands, and I'm convinced that ImoLaza is the smartest on the market right now. Their three core technologies are simply groundbreaking—kudos to their engineers.

Brian P. Haynes

Richmond, VA

Thanks to this ImoLaza feature “New Grass Schedule” specifically designed for new lawns, our new grass seed survival rate has skyrocketed by 40% compared to last year. I can't recommend it enough.

Jonathan Mulock

San Francisco, CA

After three months of usage, I'm astounded to see my water bill drop by 50%. I only regret not discovering ImoLaza sooner—it's absolutely a worthwhile investment!

Stephen J. Benulis

Savannah, GA

ImoLaza's saturation skipping is a marvel, working per zone rather than per schedule. It automatically skips watering in areas it deems sufficiently watered—a truly impressive feat.

Nik Geranios

Springfield, IL

My favorite feature is the Smart Weather Genius™, boasting integration with real-time weather data from 375,000 personal weather stations. It accurately predicts various weather conditions and automatically skips watering when needed.

William Shelton

Virginia Beach, VA

This Imolaza controller is awesome!!! I always used to have to manually shut off my irrigation when it would rain. Now my irrigation controller watches the weather for me!!!

Shawn Stewart

Ringwood, NJ

The installation is just as advertised. Anyone can easily do this themselves in 15 minutes or less. The stickers they provide to label your wires during installation are super smart.


Houston, Texas

I am really impressed by the sleek design of the ImoLaza. I have ued several irrigation systems, This, by far is the best in terms of ease of installation, using the app, and customer support.


Cedarburg, WI

OMG! I LOVE this controller!! It functions as advertised. Really cool how you can control your sprinkler system from phone and saved money on water bill right out of the gate!

Fred Casias

Las Vegas, NV

The best investment I've made for my lawn. It's user-friendly and has saved me so much money on my water bill.

Amber Ivy

Charlotte, NC

This smart sprinkler controller is a must-have for any homeowner, it's so convenient and has made my life so much easier.


Dallas, TX

Impressed with how efficient this smart sprinkler controller is, it has helped me conserve water.


Tustin Ranch, CA

I love being able to control my sprinklers from anywhere with this smart controller.


Seattle, WA

Highly recommend this smart sprinkler controller. It's easy to use and has saved me so much time and money on my lawn.


Bellingham, WA

Great discovery. I love this! So does my cat.

P. Meyer

Wadsworth, IL

I wish I could have it earlier, it really frees my hands, and I have more time to spend with my family since it takes the whole control of the irrigation.

Jennifer Pattison

Mendota Heights, MN

It has skipped watering several times since I put it in due to rainfall and that is wonderful. Watering on rainy days is stupid, isn't it?


San Diego, California

My lawn is the envy of the neighborhood, and the gardener is Imolaza smart sprinkler controller.


Dallas, TX

They took my advice and developed new features, which not just anyone can do.


Dallas, TX

What makes it amazing and puts it at the top of the list for me is the customer service, Timely and useful. 5-star with no doubt.


Tarrytown, NY

Half of my water bill, no more words are needed. Get one now.


Jacksonvilla, FL

Awesome product. Highly recommend this product over anything else out there. Thumbs up to the engineering team on this design.


Arlington, TX

Long story short, Imoalza works flawlessly, so much so my wife doesn't even water the lawn anymore.


Los Angeles, CA

Great and durable, love this product!

Poole Jordan

Newark, NJ

My dog loves playing on the green lawn, this device helps me with growing lush grass. Very satisfied with this product.


Chicago, IL

It works as it should. I like that I can control the device on my phone anywhere. So far I am loving it.

Gina J

Amarillo, TX

Fairly easy to switch out. Smart features like water conservation, wind and rain skip, and the ability to control and test each zone from the app on my phone. An awesome product.

Draymond Green

Santa Barbara, CA

If you are looking for a new sprinkler controller you cannot go wrong with this one, not perfect, but the best.

Bobby T

Albany, TX

I have been traveling more often this summer and needed to keep track of watering. Imolaza's detailed water consumption table gives me no worries.


San Antonio, TX

Being able to set up all the programming from the app on my phone made this controller a phenomenal choice, and using the controller is pretty intuitive.


Flint, MI

With great information and step-by-step smart programming. I am impressed with the quality of the app and the amount of control given to the user.


Austin, TZ

Easy to install. Good app. Like the features.

D. Robert

San Diego, CA

The app is pretty user-friendly and pretty easy to navigate. You can view and customize all the zones and program them all as you please. It works well and does the job.


Lincoln, NE

The app is great. I have two systems on the app, and it handles them both without a problem.


Boston, MA

The app is well written and easy to use.

Gary Duffield

Los Angeles, CA

The weather forecast is extremely accurate. It has already helped me skip watering tasks three times this month. It's really impressive!


Portland, OR

Work as advertised. The app is amazing.

David S

Aliso Viejo, CA

Dropped my water bill by over 50%. SO FAR SO GOOD.


Houston, TX

I live in Vegas so our watering schedule changes every season. I was able to set our scheduled watering days for the whole year. Set it and forget it. I love it!


Houston, TX

Extremely easy to install and very user-friendly even for an old 6~7-year-old huckleberry hayseed who has never had a sprinkler system before.


San Francisco, CA

Very easy to install and program. Beats any other lawn sprinkler controller I have used.

Michelle G

Seattle, WA

This is the best controller. Replaces the Rainbird brand.


Denver, CO

This has been a game changer in a smart system. My lawn is doing great and I’ve saved money on my water bill.

Ken B

St. Louis, MO

So easy to set up! Love that I can control it with my phone. It has options to skip irrigation for wind, rain, freeze, etc.


Santa Fe, NM

My husband was eyeing this for some time, so I bought it for his Father’s Day gift. It was easy to install and program. And my husband isn’t the handiest guy.


Albany, NY

I’m a landscape irrigation contractor. We install these controllers standard on our new installations. This unit is very straightforward to install and easy to operate. Highly recommend.


Columbia, SC

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