The TOTALLY FREE ImoLaza App is currently the most advanced, intuitive, and user-friendly smart irrigation controller application on the market. It possesses an array of powerful and advanced features that are deeply customized for smart irrigation, and it's incredibly easy to use. You can get the hang of it immediately without any guidance. Our designers have prioritized the user experience, making the ImoLaza App exceptionally comfortable to use. What impresses about this app is that, despite its robust functionality, users can effortlessly master it. The sleek and intuitive interface design simplifies the learning curve, allowing users to dive right in. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned user, you'll find the features you need in this app.

Personalized Schedule
Use the ImoLaza app to customize and set parameters for your lawn, such as plant type, nozzle type, soil type, sun exposure, slope, and area size for each individual zone.  ImoLaza Watering Duration Expert™ will then automatically create a scientific and precise watering duration that can easily meet the water needs of different plants in different seasons.
Smart Weather Genius™
ImoLaza Smart Weather Genius is a hyper-accurate weather forecasting and monitoring system that seamlessly integrates satellite data from National Weather Service, radar data from Local Weather Departments, and real-time data from 375,000 Personal Weather Stations. It monitors and predicts weather conditions in your area 24/7, ensuring no watering during rainy, windy, or frosty conditions that are unfavorable for watering. No other controller has such a precise intelligent weather system.
Control From Anywhere
The ImoLaza app gives you convenient access to monitor and adjust your watering schedules from anywhere. No matter where you are - at work, on vacation, or visiting loved ones - you can maintain your lawn lush and green with the tap of a button.
Water Delay

Manually temporarily pause or postpone specific schedules or all schedules for a specified period to adapt to changing weather conditions, such as precipitation or extreme temperatures, and to accommodate other practical needs, like hosting events or performing maintenance on the irrigation system. Unlike other controllers that can only skip 3 days, ImoLaza supports custom skipping for any future date you need, and only ImoLaza has such flexible adjustment capabilities.

Sunrise & Sunset Start Time
Sunrise and sunset times vary based on geographical location, with a difference of a few hours between the earliest and latest sunrise. ImoLaza automatically calculates local sunrise and sunset times using your latitude and longitude, adjusting the irrigation schedule accordingly. This ensures watering is done at the most appropriate time to promote healthy lawn growth. ImoLaza is the only controller that offers this feature, other controllers cannot do it.
Smart Cycle and Soak
By watering in short cycles and alternating between them, the Smart Cycle and Soak function helps the soil absorb water more effectively while preventing runoff. It reduces the risk of water loss by dividing the watering time into several shorter cycles and leaving a period of time between each cycle for the soil to absorb water. This feature helps extend the life of your lawns and promotes healthier, lusher growth while conserving water resources.
Water Usage Report
The ImoLaza Water Usage Report provides you with a detailed overview of the daily and monthly water consumption for each zone and the entire yard. This practical feature allows you to monitor and analyze the efficiency of your irrigation system, helping you identify potential water-saving areas and make informed adjustments to optimize your watering schedule.
Calendar Display
ImoLaza's calendar interface clearly and intuitively displays the watering schedule for each month, making it easy for you to switch between different dates freely. By viewing the calendar interface, you can quickly review, monitor, and adjust your irrigation schedule, including all watering and skipping tasks for the month, ensuring the best watering solution for your lawns.
Standby Mode
Standby Mode is specifically designed for winterizing your irrigation system and allows you to temporarily pause your irrigation system while preserving your personalized settings and schedules. By activating Standby Mode, you can prevent unintended watering and conserve water resources during the colder season. When you are ready to resume regular irrigation in the spring, simply deactivate Standby Mode, and your system will resume its normal operation. Two settings are available: no watering during a specific period within a year or no watering during a recurring specific period every year.
Zone Photo Album & Notes
ImoLaza offers a dedicated Album and Notes feature in the zone settings, enabling you to capture photos of your lawn at different growth stages and organize them in an album. Document each area's journey in detail, including planting dates, fertilization, pest control measures, and mowing, to simplify lawn management and help you make informed decisions for optimal plant health and growth.
History Records
ImoLaza features a comprehensive History Log that clearly records controller all activities, including status changes, scheduled runs, quick runs, network updates, and weather skip logs. This function allows for fast filtering and viewing of specific record types, ensuring you have easy access to crucial information about your controller's performance and activity.
Watering Notification
ImoLaza features customizable Alerts and Notifications, allowing you to choose which notifications to receive and whether to get them via pop-ups or emails. Stay informed about the status of various schedules executed by the controller, including schedules progress and controller status updates, helping you stay on top of your irrigation system with ease and efficiency.
Super Flexible Programming
6 Watering Cycles: Every day, Custom days of the week, Odd days, Even days, Daily interval, and Hourly interval, meet various lawn irrigation needs, whether it's satisfying the high-frequency watering requirements of new grass or adjusting the watering frequency of mature lawns based on seasonal changes.
Fast Schedule Modification
Easily modify your existing schedules at any time. With a simple click on the desired schedule, you can make changes to zone selection, watering duration, start/end dates, skips, and soak settings. Take control and effortlessly customize your watering schedules with this convenient feature.
Flexible Watering Start/End Time
4 Starting and Ending Time Options: End before sunrise, Start after sunset, Start at a specific time, End before a specific time. Additionally, you have the option to set the start or end time within 1 hour before or after sunrise/sunset, allowing for precise control over your irrigation timing.
Quick Run
The Quick Run feature provides a convenient solution for testing, fine-tuning, or addressing specific watering needs. Say goodbye to running back and forth to the garage or waiting for the next scheduled cycle. It keeps a record of the most recent three Quick Run sessions for quick execution in the future.
Smart Saturation Skip
(1) ImoLaza Intelligent ET Master utilizes REAL-TIME evapotranspiration (ET) data, including air temperature, air humidity, wind speed, precipitation, and sunlight intensity, to calculate the soil moisture balance in the soil to determine whether your lawn has sufficient water to sustain until the next scheduled watering time.                (2) In the watering schedule, if the soil in a certain area is saturated, the watering schedule will automatically skip that zone, while continuing to water the other zones.
Weather Sensors Compatibility
ImoLaza's state-of-the-art weather technology (Smart Weather Genius™) offers improved water-saving capabilities compared to rain sensors. Still, for those who prefer using rain sensors, ImoLaza maintains compatibility with them.

Well or Pump Start Delay
The Well Pump Delay feature allows the smart controller to delay the start of the well pump by 1~60 minutes before initiating the irrigation system. By delaying the start of the well pump, it helps to avoid issues such as unstable water pressure or insufficient water flow during startup, ensuring that the entire irrigation system operates smoothly and improving the effectiveness and stability of the irrigation process.
Advanced Parameters Setting
Use the ImoLaza app to customize and set parameters for your lawn, such as plant type, nozzle type, soil type, sun exposure, slope, and area size for each individual zone.  ImoLaza Watering Duration Expert™ will then automatically create a scientific and precise watering duration that can easily meet the water needs of different plants in different seasons.
Detailed Annotations
ImoLaza App features detailed and easy-to-understand annotations, assisting you in quickly resolving queries and comprehending various functionalities of the application. Whether it's understanding potential reasons for controller offline status, comprehending water usage statistics, choosing the right regional parameters, or browsing historical records, our annotation function provides timely and accurate assistance, making your user experience more relaxed and enjoyable.
Schedule/Zone Disable
ImoLaza offers you a handy schedule and zone disable function. Whether it's pausing a specific schedule or disabling a zone, a simple tap on the disable button does the trick. When you're ready to resume, just hit the enable button and everything springs back into action.
Watering Schedule Conflict Reminder
ImoLaza features a smart watering schedule conflict alert. Should your set schedules cross paths, our App pops up a notice instantly, flagging the inability to carry out the current schedule, and nudging you to make timely adjustments, ensuring a hitch-free irrigation process. No other controller has this feature; only ImoLaza possesses this capability.
Soil Moisture Monitoring
For areas where an ET Smart Schedule is created, you can intuitively grasp the changes in soil moisture content in each area of your lawn, covering data for the past 15 days and the upcoming 7 days. Detailed monitoring includes daily plant available water, crop evaporation, rainfall, manual watering, planned watering for the day, quick run watering, and plant water percentage. If the system detects that the plant water percentage has dropped below 0%, it automatically adjusts irrigation duration and frequency to ensure your garden environment is always appropriately irrigated.
Comprehensive Schedule Reminders
ImoLaza is committed to making your schedule management intuitive and straightforward. On the Home page, you can easily see the time of the last and next scheduled runs. On the Schedule page, you can clearly understand the next running time, duration, and skip options for each schedule. In the Zone interface, the time of the last and next scheduled runs for each area is clearly displayed. No matter where you are, we ensure that you can quickly get the running status of all current plans and areas, facilitating your management and control.
Personalized Zone Naming
Manage all irrigation areas with ease with ImoLaza's smart controller. ImoLaza allows you to assign unique names to each watering zone, streamlining your lawn management by simplifying the identification and oversight of individual sections. With this personalized approach, monitoring and managing each irrigation area becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on the enjoyment of your vibrant garden spaces.
Top-notch Customer Support
ImoLaza's customer support team is perpetually at your service, online 24/7. Reach out to us via our mobile app, official website, or our dedicated customer support site and we commit to responding in the shortest possible time. With ImoLaza, you will receive the most comprehensive and fastest-responding service in the industry.