About Us

ImoLaza is a high-tech company specializing in futuristic irrigation technology. We have developed a smart sprinkler controller that utilizes ultra-precise, REAL-TIME weather data and evapotranspiration (ET) monitoring technology to achieve intelligent water conservation. This innovation is set to profoundly change traditional irrigation methods and the overall user experience. Our aim is to bring you a delightful lifestyle and make truly smart, future technology accessible.

The talented engineers on the ImoLaza R&D team have crafted this 'masterpiece' using 2,427,943 lines of code. Through complex programming and rigorous testing, this grand intelligent system boasts exceptional flexibility in managing watering schedules and unparalleled water-saving capabilities. Coupled with an incredibly user-friendly app and a variety of practical features, it stands as the most advanced intelligent irrigation control system on Earth.

What makes ImoLaza unique?

Based on the unique three core technologies — Watering Duration Expert™, Smart Weather Genius™, and Intelligent ET Master™ — we have developed the world's most advanced Intelligent Watering Decision Model™. This model automatically generates watering durations suitable for different zones of your lawn, and automatically adjusts watering frequency based on weather, seasons, and climate changes, ensuring your lawn thrives while saving up to 60% of water.

While other sprinkler controllers continue to rely on antiquated timer-based schedules or static ET data, ImoLaza has made a quantum leap in the field with the exclusive development of the Intelligent ET Master™. This advanced system incorporates a cutting-edge REAL-TIME evapotranspiration (ET) algorithm, setting a new industry standard for smart irrigation.

Harnessing the power of the Smart Weather Genius™, the Intelligent ET Master™ monitors a myriad of meteorological data 24/7, adapting to daily fluctuations in temperature, air humidity, wind speed, sunlight intensity, and precipitation. This dynamic approach recognizes the varying water needs of different lawns across changing seasons, moving beyond the one-size-fits-all watering schedules of traditional systems.

What truly sets the Intelligent ET Master™ apart is its ability to constantly analyze and record the natural evaporation and plant transpiration rates of your lawn. Leveraging these detailed insights, it can precisely calculate the watering needs of your lawn, and adjusts the watering duration and frequency accordingly every single day.

The result? Your lawn receives the perfect amount of water, precisely when it needs it, all year round. ImoLaza's Intelligent ET Master™ truly embodies the principle of "No Watering in the Rain, No Wilting in the Summer," making intelligent watering a reality and propelling lawn care into the future.