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This smart sprinkler controller is the perfect addition to any home. It's easy to use, efficient and has saved me so much money on my water bill. You shall not miss this.

Shawn Stewart

Ringwood, NJ

I've been using this smart sprinkler controller for months now and I couldn't be happier with its performance. It's easy to use and has saved me so much time.


Houston, Texas

This smart sprinkler controller is a great way to automate your sprinklers. It's reliable, efficient, and saves you time and money. You can not miss this.


Cedarburg, WI

Never knew I needed a smart sprinkler controller until I got this one. It exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be happier.

Fred Casias

Las Vegas, NV

The best investment I've made for my lawn. It's user-friendly and has saved me so much money on my water bill.

Amber Ivy

Charlotte, NC

This smart sprinkler controller is a must-have for any homeowner, it's so convenient and has made my life so much easier.


Dallas, TX

Impressed with how efficient this smart sprinkler controller is, it has helped me conserve water.


Tustin Ranch, CA

I love being able to control my sprinklers from anywhere with this smart controller.


Seattle, WA

Highly recommend this smart sprinkler controller. It's easy to use and has saved me so much time and money on my lawn.


Bellingham, WA

Great discovery. I love this! So does my cat.

P. Meyer

Wadsworth, IL

It has skipped watering several times since I put it in due to rainfall and that is wonderful. Watering on rainy days is stupid, isn't it?


San Diego, California

They took my advice and developed new features, which not just anyone can do.


Dallas, TX

Half of my water bill, no more words are needed. Get one now.


Jacksonvilla, FL

Long story short, Imoalza works flawlessly, so much so my wife doesn't even water the lawn anymore.


Los Angeles, CA

My dog loves playing on the green lawn, this device helps me with growing lush grass. Very satisfied with this product.


Chicago, IL

Fairly easy to switch out. Smart features like water conservation, wind and rain skip, and the ability to control and test each zone from the app on my phone. An awesome product.

Draymond Green

Santa Barbara, CA

Being able to set up all the programming from the app on my phone made this controller a phenomenal choice, and using the controller is pretty intuitive.


Flint, MI

Easy to install. Good app. Like the features.

D. Robert

San Diego, CA

The app is great. I have two systems on the app, and it handles them both without a problem.


Boston, MA

The weather forecast is extremely accurate. It has already helped me skip watering tasks three times this month. It's really impressive!


Portland, OR

Work as advertised. The app is amazing.

David S

Aliso Viejo, CA

Very easy to install and program. Beats any other lawn sprinkler controller I have used.

Michelle G

Seattle, WA

This has been a game changer in a smart system. My lawn is doing great and I’ve saved money on my water bill.

Ken B

St. Louis, MO

My husband was eyeing this for some time, so I bought it for his Father’s Day gift. It was easy to install and program. And my husband isn’t the handiest guy.


Albany, NY

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