Beginner's Guide to Grass and Lawn Care

If you have a yard, you want it to be lush, green, and beautiful. However, you may be unsure where to start, especially if you've never cared for a lawn before. Check out our tips for lawn care for beginners to grow a soft, green yard to enjoy all year long!

Assess Your Lawn Baseline

Start by assessing the current condition of your lawn. This will help you determine what needs to be done to improve it.

Develop a Backyard Game Plan

Once you know what your lawn needs, you can create a plan for how to achieve your desired results. Your lawn care plan should include the following five elements:

Weeding: Weeds can steal water and nutrients from your grass, making it harder for it to thrive. Pull weeds by hand, or use a natural or organic weed killer if you have a heavily weeded yard.

Mowing: When it comes to lawn care for beginners, mowing properly is crucial for a healthy lawn. Take the time to sharpen your blade at the start of the mowing season for a clean cut. Also, be sure to wait until your lawn has dried after rain or watering before you mow. And, while it might throw off your schedule, it’s always best to mow based on the growth of your grass rather than the day of the week. Wait until your grass has grown ⅓ over its mowed height before cutting.

Fertilizing: Before fertilizing, test your soil to determine what it needs. Use the right fertilizer for your soil, and follow the instructions on the package.

Watering: Water the lawn weekly according to its growth needs and adjust the frequency based on the season. During hot summers, increasing the watering frequency is recommended. Watering in the shade or early morning is advised to avoid evaporation. Avoid watering at night as this can promote fungal growth. Entrust the tedious task of watering to the ImoLaza smart irrigation controller and free up your hands easily.

Aerating: Aerating adds air to the soil, helping water, air, and fertilizer reach the roots of your grass. Aerate once every few years, and seed any thin or yellowing areas afterward.

Create a Seasonal Lawn Care Guide

Create a schedule for regular maintenance of your lawn. This will help you keep on top of tasks such as mowing, fertilizing, and aerating, and ensure your lawn looks great all year round.

Winter Lawn Care

Prepare your lawn for the winter by removing any furniture, fire pits, or children's toys from your yard. These can kill your grass when left in place. Also, avoid walking on the grass when it's frosty or covered in snow.

By following these tips, even beginners can create a beautiful, healthy lawn to enjoy all year round.